We offer both the deep tissue for remedial muscle treatment, and Swedish massage for skin toning and blood circulation stimulation at the New You Spa in Anerley, Port Shepstone, on the South Coast KZN

Deep tissue and pamper massages

We offer various massages, depending on your needs. From pampering to sports injuries, we have you covered!

The list of benefits from massages is never complete, as there are so many factors involved in raising your health, spirit and mind to its fullest potential, which we often do not realize.

Not only do you feel the benefits from a massage immediately, but they definitely influence your health on a much longer term. Injuries sustained may wreck havoc on your body without you even realizing it, ever increasing strain and pain in your muscles as you get older.

Re-align your muscle structure – which will also enhance the alignment of your skeleton – by enjoying a professional massage from the New You Spa today!


A list of the benefits of massages a thte New You Spa in Durban North

Benefits of massages

Deep tissue massages at the New You Spa, Durban North

Our deep tissue for remedial muscle treatment, can be given along with using radio frequency and ultrasound to loosen stubborn knots in your muscle fibres.

Indian Head and Back massages at the New You Spa, Durban North

Our Indian head and back massages are very popular with our clientele. Bookings are essential to avoid dissappointment.

Hot Stone massages at the New You Spa, Durban North

Ah….relax while the heat from our smooth, round stones permeate those fatigued muscles carrying your back, spreading relief and rejuvenation throughout your body!

Hot stone massages have been proven to increase your blood flow, encourages your lungs to breathe deeply again, and the flow of fresh oxygen reaching the furthermost tips of your cells in your back muscles.

Be pampered with a Swedish massage, excellent for skin toning

For those preferring a pamper massage, we offer the Swedish massage, which is excellent for skin toning and blood circulation stimulation.

We have experienced male and female masseurs at the new You Spa, Durban North

We have four experienced and qualified masseurs at the New You Spa, Durban North, both male and female.

Massages for corporate team building workshops

By appointment, we can travel to attend to function members such as corporate team building workshops.

We also cater for couple massages.

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